Scent Descriptions

Birthday Suit- Fruity bouquet of strawberries, banana, peaches and melons

Whip Appeal- Fruity bouquet accompanied by hints of gardenia.  Sexier side of fruity

Bliss- Almond cake under toned with vanilla and light floral backgrounds

Suga Suga-  Berries and blooms with light night musk and fresh peaches

Honey Bunches (U)-  A fantasy blend of light almond with wheat and vanilla notes

In the Garden-  Mixture of fresh floral and citrus with a woody background

Ice (U)- Peppermint leaves with under tones of sage and sugar

Stiletto- Soft mixture of cashmere musk, amber and red currants

Lullaby- Top notes of hyacinth mixed in with jasmine and cedar

Sun-kissed-  Fresh peaches , lemons and orange peel mixed in light vanilla

Commitment (M)- A masculine appeal of beach juniper, teakwood, amber with a touch of patchouli...WHAT A MAN

Rain- Pink grapefruit, vanilla orchards with amber and under tones of pomegranate 

Cozy (U)- Lemon peel, violet petals, honeysuckle and fresh cotton

Shortcake- Fresh strawberries with a hint of sweet vanilla lemon cake

Bali- A tropical excursion of exotic fruits

La Fleur- Notes of jasmine, cattleya orchid and freesia blooms on a base of patchouli.  A floral scent like no other.

(M) Male (U) Unisex